Quick Answer: How Long Do You Have To Go To School To Be An Athletic Trainer?

How much do high school athletic trainers get paid?

The U.S.

Department of Labor reports that the average annual salary for athletic trainers working in elementary and secondary schools (high schools) was $58,170 in 2017.

This is compared to a $49,000 average salary for trainers working in colleges, universities and professional schools..

What can athletic trainers not do?

Athletic trainers provide medical services to all types of people – not just athletes participating in sports – and do not train people as personal or fitness trainers do.

What skills are needed for athletic trainer?

If you’re considering a future in athletic training, the following is a checklist of the top skills needed to be an athletic trainer.Good Evaluation Skills. … Ability to Perform in High-Stress Situations. … Excellent Communication Skills. … Empathy and Compassion. … Patience and Persistence. … Interest in Sports.More items…•

What settings do athletic trainers work in?

Many athletic trainers work in educational settings, such as colleges, universities, elementary schools, and secondary schools. Others work in hospitals, fitness centers, or physicians’ offices, or for professional sports teams.

How much do athletic trainers in the NFL make?

Those who work for the NFL can earn an annual salary of $125,000 or more, while emergency athletic trainers can earn upwards of $100,000. Trainers who work in the recreational or youth sports industry earn the lowest annual salary out of all athletic trainers, coming in at $38,000.

How much does a pro athletic trainer make?

Athletic Trainer SalaryPercentileSalaryLocation25th Percentile Athletic Trainer Salary$42,804US50th Percentile Athletic Trainer Salary$46,877US75th Percentile Athletic Trainer Salary$52,754US90th Percentile Athletic Trainer Salary$58,104US1 more row

How many years of school does it take to become a athletic trainer?

Table of contentsDegreeMaster’s degreeDegree fieldAthletic TrainingLicense or certificationCertification and licensure requirements vary state by state, with most states requiring Athletic Trainers to become licensed by the state or become certified by the Board of Certification (BOC)Duration to become one4 to 6 years1 more row•Apr 28, 2020

Do athletic trainers go to med school?

Aspiring sports medicine athletic trainers must pursue an accredited bachelor’s program, although pursuing a Master’s degree is very common. Education for this career prepares trainers to help prevent and care for injuries related to athletics and sports. Licensing is also required to work in this field.

Is athletic trainer a good career?

If you become an athletic trainer, your job prospects are good: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is projected to grow 21% between 2014 and 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. … Many people think athletic trainers and personal trainers are the same career, but they are not.

What major Does athletic training fall under?

After a high school education, the typical pathway to becoming an athletic trainer includes: Obtaining a bachelor’s degree (common majors are athletic training and exercise science) Graduating from a Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Trainer Education (CAATE)-accredited athletic training education program.

Who is the highest paid athletic trainer?

Salary rangeLevelHourlyYearlyHighest (Top 10%)$*$70750Senior (Top 25%)$*$58320Middle (Mid 50%)$*$47510Junior (Bottom 25%)$*$391401 more row•Apr 28, 2020

Where do athletic trainers make the most money?

the District of ColumbiaAthletic Trainers are paid at the highest average level in the District of Columbia, which has average compensation of just about $72910. Employees in this career can obtain the highest compensation in Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, where they can get pay levels, on average, of $47920.