Quick Answer: How Often Should I Feed Algae Wafers?

Why does my algae eater keep dying?

If the only stuff you’re feeding them is the scraps of algae in your tank they’re probably starvig to death.

A quality algae wafer, cucumber slices or other soft green vegetables should be added to a plecos diet to assure he is receiving enough food and proper nutrients..

How many wafers should I feed my algae eater?

Offer at least one algae wafer per day. Your home aquarium will not provide enough algae to keep your pleco full. Give your pleco an algae wafer at night before you go to bed, as plecos are nocturnal and eat at nighttime.

Can fish eat algae wafers?

Algae wafers can be a very nutritious addition to the diet of any type of fish, though bottom feeding varieties may reap the most benefit from them. … If used properly, algae wafers are an easy and affordable way to vary the diet of your algae eaters and other aquarium fish without getting your water cloudy.

Do algae eaters eat poop?

It’s not true. Snails, cory cats, plecos, algae eaters etc do not eat fish poop. Unless you have huge amounts of algae on everything in your tank, you need to be feeding your “cleanup crew” as well.

How do I stop my fish from eating algae wafers?

Shrimpy Shrimp Put some wafers at the front of the tank, and then place some where the plec usually hides so he can get some later. Also, feed your plec cucumber, the other fish dont usually eat it.

Do snails eat algae wafers?

Algae Wafers for Fish and Invertebrates (8 oz) Fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails… all of them absolutely love this food! This food is particularly ideal for bottom dwellers, since the wafers quickly sink to the bottom of the tank once dropped in.

Do guppies eat algae wafers?

Yes, guppies eat the algae that naturally grows within an aquarium or pond ecosystem. Algae does not make up their entire diet though. Guppies forage for algae non-stop while looking for insects, fish fry, and invertebrates to eat.

How often should I feed my algae eaters?

Things to remember when feeding your Algae Eater: Feed daily. Typically feeds at night. Some plecos require driftwood as part of their diet.

How long do algae wafers last?

Some would say 24 hours, others shorter/longer. This time period is all an effort to prevent the formation of nitrates, as leftover food is the main culprit of excess nitrogen in the tank. Two or three times a week I put an algae wafer in my CPD/pygmy cory tank.