Quick Answer: What Is Respiratory Flora?

What if the sputum test is negative?

A sample of the patient’s sputum is smeared on a slide, stained, then examined under a microscope.

If a laboratory technician sees the organism, then the patient is considered “smear positive.” A smear positive patient is considered infectious.

If the technician sees no TB bacilli, the test is deemed negative..

What does mixed respiratory flora mean?

Abstract. “Mixed flora” is a commonly returned result yielding not in either indication for therapy or identification of potential causative organisms. We sought to determine whether mixed flora (MF) was in fact a harbinger of impending pneumonia or a benign result that could be therapeutically ignored.

What is normal flora and why is it important?

The normal flora prevent colonization by pathogens by competing for attachment sites or for essential nutrients. This is thought to be their most important beneficial effect, which has been demonstrated in the oral cavity, the intestine, the skin, and the vaginal epithelium.

What is the function of normal flora?

The functions of the normal flora include digestion of substrates, production of vitamins, stimulation of cell maturation, stimulation of the immune system, aid in intestinal transit and colonization resistance.

What is oropharyngeal flora?

Normal oropharyngeal flora include anaerobic (eg, Peptostreptococcus) and aerobic species (eg, viridans streptococci). These organisms are rarely pathogenic. 8. Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and Haemophilus species may also be part of the normal oropharyngeal flora, but they are also more likely to be pathogenic.

What will a sputum test show?

A bacterial sputum culture is used to detect and diagnose bacterial lower respiratory tract infections such as bacterial pneumonia or bronchitis. It is typically performed with a Gram stain to identify the bacteria causing a person’s infection.