What Animal Can Live In The Coldest Temperature?

What is the coldest place where animals live?

AntarcticaThe coldest place on earth is also the loneliest.

There aren’t any locals and anybody who drops in doesn’t stay for long.

Some animals, like penguins, can be found along the coast of Antarctica, but none live inland on the continent..

What animal can survive in extreme heat and cold?

Water Bear or Tardigrade (Hypsibius dujardini) It’s the king of extreme temperatures, capable of surviving lows near absolute zero (-459°F; -273°C) and highs of more than 302°F (150°C). Found in hot springs, nestled under solid ice, and at the top of the Himalaya, these tiny invertebrates can even survive outer space.

What animals can freeze and come back to life?

These 6 Animals Can Freeze—And Then Come Back To Life!Wood Frog. The wood frog embraces cold weather and ensures survival by freezing up to 70 percent of its body, including the brain and lens of the eye, according to Earth Touch News Network. … Arctic Wooly Bear Caterpillar. … Alligators.

Where is the hottest place on earth?

Death Valley, California, USA The aptly named Furnace Creek currently holds the record for hottest air temperature ever recorded. The desert valley reached highs of 56.7 degrees in the summer of 1913, which would apparently push the limits of human survival.

What is the warmest mammal?

Body temperatures and sterilization points fall near the phi points between freezing and boiling.Average Body TemperaturesAnimalFahrenheitCentigradeElephants97.736.5Humans98.637.0Whales98.637.010 more rows•May 13, 2012

What animal can survive the longest without food?

13 Animals That Can Survive Without Food the LongestHumpback whale — 6 months.Ball python — 6 months.Galapagos tortoise — 1 year.Scorpion — 1 year.Burrowing frog — 1 year.Crocodile — 3 years.Olm — 10 years.Tardigrade — 30 years.More items…

What animals can live in the cold?

10 Animals That Thrive In Cold WeatherMusk Oxen. The outer layer of the musk ox covers up a second, insulating undercoat that helps the animal withstand the frigid Arctic winter. … Arctic Hare. The Arctic hare’s shorter ears help save body heat, and it has a thick fur coat to help keep it warm. … Snow Leopard.

What animal has the lowest body temperature?

EchidnasEchidnas have the lowest body temperature of any mammal, 89°F. They do not control their temperatures in the same way as other mammals, and it fluctuates over the day. Their long life spans, 50 years in captivity, and 45 years in the wild, is due to their low body temperature and slow metabolism.

What is coldest thing on earth?

Is there anything colder than liquid nitrogen? Yes, there are things colder than liquid nitrogen, like most of the Universe! I assume, though, that you mean things on the Earth….Questions and Answers.FluidBoiling temperature CelsiusBoiling temperature FahrenheitNeon-246°-411°Hydrogen-253°-423°Helium-270°-452°2 more rows

What animals dont get cold?

These Animals Don’t Care That It’s Freezing OutsideGreat Gray Owl. Impeccable hearing to locate prey, feathered snow pants to stay warm, and talons to break through ice are just a few characteristics that help great gray owls hunt effectively in the snow. … Grizzly Bear. … Moose. … Bison. … Mallard. … Deer. … Squirrel.

Can human survive in Antarctica?

Antarctica is known for being the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on earth. … Although there are no native Antarcticans and no permanent residents or citizens of Antarctica, many people do live in Antarctica each year.

What animal is immune to fire?

echidnasCase in point, they’ve just discovered a secret superpower that echidnas possess that gives the animals the remarkable ability to survive wildfires, and the skill might help explain why mammals were somehow able to live through the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, reports the BBC.