What Is Dental Code D0210?

What is dental Code d6111?

D6111 implant/abutment supported removable denture for edentulous arch – mandibular..

What is dental Code d6190?

A radiographic index (D6190) is usually made of radiopaque and radiolucent materials. … A surgical index that is not also a radiographic index does not necessarily have a radiopaque component but does have components that indicate ideal osteotomy or fixture position. The surgical index is used during osteotomy creation.

What is dental Code d5211?

D5211 maxillary partial denture – resin base (including any conventional clasps retentive/clasping materials, rests and teeth). Includes acrylic resin base denture with resin or wrought wire clasps. … Includes acrylic resin base denture with resin or wrought wire clasps.

What is dental Code d2954?

D2954-Prefabricated Post and Core, in Addition to Crown, is defined by the ADA as “core is built around a prefabricated post. This procedure includes the core material.” This code describes a “store-bought” post that is typically used to build up an endodontically treated tooth.

What is dental Code d0350?

When submitting a diagnostic photograph for benefit- plan reimbursement, consider using the redefined CDT-3 procedure code D0350. This code is defined as oral/facial images (including intra- and extra-oral images). … These images should be part of the patient’s clinical record. D0350 excludes conventional radiographs.

What is dental Code d9110?

D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation – Problem Focused or D9110 Palliative (Emergency) Treatment of Dental Pain. … Consider reporting D9110 for minor nondefinitive procedures to reduce discomfort, sensitivity, or pain at an emergency visit. D9110 is a procedure code and will not use one of the exam limitations.

What is dental Code d0272?

D0272. Bitewings – two radiographic images.

What is dental Code d8999?

D8999 Unspecified orthodontic procedure, by report – Used for procedure that is not adequately described by a code. Describe procedure. D0150 Comprehensive oral evaluation – new or established patient – Used by a general dentist and/or a specialist when evaluating a patient comprehensively.

What is dental Code d9630?

D9630 includes, but is not limited to oral antibiotics, oral analgesics, and topical fluoride: does not include writing prescriptions. References: Provided by Christine Taxin of Links2Success Dental Management & Consulting Service.