What Is Dental Code D1206?

What is dental Code d8090?


Comprehensive ortho treatment Comprehensive ortho treatment of adult.


What does dental Code d2392 mean?

D2392 Resin-based composite – two surfaces, posterior. D2393 Resin-based composite – three surfaces, posterior.

What is dental Code d2750?

Dental Insurance Codes D2750 – Crown – porcelain fused to high noble metal. D2751 – Crown – porcelain fused to predominately base metal.

What is dental Code d6010?

The most common of all dental implant procedures is the endosteal procedure. According to CDT, procedure code D6010 includes the surgical placement of the implant body, the second-stage surgery, and the placement of the healing cap. The global aspects of this procedure code encompass all three completed subcomponents.

What is dental Code d0330?

Radiographic images are ordered by the dentist per the needs of the patient. A complete series (D0210) helps to determine a diagnostic baseline. … In some cases, a full series (D0210) is alternated with a panoramic image (D0330) every three or five years.

What is dental Code d9910?

Option 2: D9910 application of desensitizing medicament. on a ‘per visit’ basis for application of topical fluoride. This code is not be used for bases, liners or adhesives used under restorations. Sample Submission: (partial ADA 2012 Claim form)

What is dental procedure code d0150?

D0150-Comprehensive Oral Evaluation-New or Established Patient -This code has been revised to indicate it is valid for new patient evaluations as well as exams for patients of record who have not had a comprehensive evaluation for three or more years.

What is dental Code d2950?

The ADA says that Code D2950-Core Buildup, Including Any Pins, “refers to building up of the anatomical crown when a restorative crown will be placed, whether or not pins are used.” While a description of exactly what portion of the anatomical crown needs to be built up is not included in the ADA definition, it is …

What is dental Code d9110?

D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation – Problem Focused or D9110 Palliative (Emergency) Treatment of Dental Pain. … Consider reporting D9110 for minor nondefinitive procedures to reduce discomfort, sensitivity, or pain at an emergency visit. D9110 is a procedure code and will not use one of the exam limitations.